Reading Overdose

How much reading is too much? This is a question that occurs to me each time I dive into the depth of a book.

In the past year, I read more than 100 “Self-Development” books, which is a nicer alternative to “Self-Help”, and I can confidently affirm that this habit almost turned me into a schizophrenic. When it comes to psychology, and especially self-development, almost everything we read is either a result of researches and surveys (which can never be enough or accurate), or opinions and interpretations of others (which can often be very subjective to one’s own experiences, including the scientists, doctors and experts who write these books).

If you’ve been reading in this category, you will notice that many, if not most, of the major ideas and principles in these books are the same. The only difference would be in the writer’s take on them and what the writer suggests you do about them.

By default, the human brain believes any information it receives from an authority to be true. This entails that when we read too many different interpretations of the same subject, we become confused as to which interpretation should we consider in our lives.

That’s why I think over-reading exists, particularly in “Psychology” as a topic. I recall, in several occurrences, that I started to question who I am and what beliefs do I have.

Have you gone through a reading over-dose?

Share your thoughts.

Share your thoughts