My name is Osama Romoh, I’ve been working with the web since 2004 after I dropped out of school seeking my dream job as a clerk at an Internet cafe. That was the start of everything superb I’m doing now.

I learnt digital marketing in its early days when it was merely throwing links into online discussion forums and chat rooms aiming for user clicks, however “digital” grew tremendously and I was both competent and lucky to ride the wave and create a solid career with a month to month pay of around $12,000 at the time.

Around five years ago, I quit my well paid, full-time job and began my adventure as an entrepreneur. An excursion that changed my life. (Once more!)

My life as an entrepreneur has been neither easy nor ordinary. Truth be told, it’s been crazy! I was presented to a radically new world that is, actually, not at all like the cubicle life.

On the off chance that the above energizes you to get into my mind, then this blog is for you.

Osama Romoh 
June 9, 2018